For Counties

You Are Why We’re Here provides a ready-made toolkit for Georgia counties to download and use at no cost. Whether your county is interested in being more proactive in outreach, looking for presentation tools for an upcoming speaking engagement or simply trying to have a more engaging way to communicate with your residents, You Are Why We’re Here has a variety of options for you.

To explore these resources and gain learn how to get started, go to

Click on County Communicators in the upper right hand corner of the website.

Click on the Toolkit to see the various items available to download, including logos, videos, posters, coloring pages for kids, bookmarks, t-shirt designs and more. Be sure to look at the Getting Personnel program for a new and different way to highlight the hard working county employees in your community.

In addition, the Who Do You Know Audit can help you to find community partners to further expand the You Are Why We’re Here presence in your community