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Legislative Updates

ACCG produces Legislative Updates weekly during Legislative Session to highlight legislation ACCG is monitoring on behalf of county government. 
These updates are sent out by email only. Email is the most timely way to receive the Legislative Updates because legislation can change daily.
February 5: County Officials Vote to Support Removal of TAVT Local Target Formula; Proposed 911 Modernization and Balancing Funding Webinar; 2016 District Days at the Capitol Less Than Two Weeks Away; ACCG is Your Primary Source for Information During the Session.
January 29: Next Week's Committee Meetings Will Include Key County Issues; House Passess Amended FY 2016 Budget; Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Speaker David Ralston Confirmed for 2016 District Days at the Capitaol; Follow ACCG on Social Medial for the Latest County News.
January 22: Governor's Recommended Budget Include Increased Funding for Counties; Adjournment Resolution Set for Through Legislative Day 40; Townships - Create with Zoning, Land Use and Building Code Powers.
January 15: Governor's Budget Highlights; 2016 State of the State Highlights; Senate Majority Caucus Establishes Priorities, Speaker Ralston Sets Agenda; Adjournment Resolution Set Through Legislative Day 13; Counties to See Changes in TAVT Distributions

Final Legislative Updates


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