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Juvenile Justice Deliquency and Prevention Programs

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) is offering the Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention Programs to counties. Counties are encouraged to submit a Request for Proposal by the specified deadline.

You Are Why We're Here and Elections

The newest package of tools in the You Are Why We're Here campaign is now available to counties! Be sure to use these tools to help educate your constituents about your county's role with elections!

Get Prepared to File the 2014 Immigration Report

It is time for county officials to file their 2014 Immigration Report. The report covers the reporting period of December 1, 2013- November 20, 2014.

You Are Why We're Here: Fire Services


Houston County Chairman Receives Liberty Bell Award

Houston County Chairman Tommy Stalnaker was recently awarded the Liberty Bell Award by his local bar association. The award is the highest honor a non-lawyer can receive from lawyers.

Lanier Tech Students Paint Signs for Hall Co. Fire Station


CVIOG Helps Counties Learn More

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government offers a variety of professional development and training opportunities for local government employees. A complete list of their professional training opportunities can be found on the Institute's website.

Submit Your Nomination for the 2014 GLGPA Awards


Buy WaterSense Products in October and Save

WaterSense and Energy Star labeled products will be exempt from local sales tax in early October. This is a result of HB 958 which extends the statewide Sales Tax Holiday for the purchase of water-saving and energy-efficient products for an additional two years.

Keep Georgia Beautiful Awards Program


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