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Property Tax Reform Bill (SB 346)

The Governor signed Senate Bill 346, the comprehensive tax reform bill, on June 4, 2010.
The major provisions of this bill are outlined below:
  • Requires annual assessment notices sent to all properties
  • Authorizes the creation of regional boards of equalization
  • Requires an estimate of the tax liability on the assessment notice 
  • Requires DOR to create a uniform appeal form
  • Requires members of the Boards of Equalization (BOE) to take a written oath of duty
  • Requires the BOE to render a decision on an appeal within 12 months of receiving an appeal if no extensions are granted
  • Gives the Superior Court Clerk responsibility for oversight of the BOE
  • Grants appeal rights to a new property owner who makes a purchase before assessment notices are sent
  • Requires DOR to update their training for tax officials and make it available online
  • Authorizes non-homestead properties exceeding $1 million in value to have their appeal heard by a licensed appraiser instead of the BOE
  • Eliminates the non-binding arbitration appeal option
  • Makes the real property tax return optional
  • Defines "arm's length, bona fide sale" and "distress sale"
  • Requires the sale price to be used as the fair market value in the year following the sale
  • Exempts counties from the 1/4 mill recovery and $5 parcel penalties during the assessment increase moratorium
  • Includes the property tax paid to other governments when making refunds
  • Authorizes installment billings
  • Clarifies that only the maintenance and operations millage rate is used for purposes of calculating the rollback rate under Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
  • Eliminates the 3% and 5% threshold for appeals to get the county digest approved
  • Authorizes the Board of Tax Assessors (BOA) to correct factual errors in the tax digest within 3 years
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    Georgia Department of Revenue Overview of SB 346 (pdf)

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