HomeSafe Offers Foreclosure Assistance

In February 2010, the United States Department of the Treasury established the Hardest Hit Fund Program to help the states “hardest hit” by the economy.  Each state could choose their own type of mortgage assistance programs and eligibility requirements for the programs as long as unemployment mortgage assistance was included. 

As a result of this initiative, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is partnering with GHFA Affordable Housing, Inc. to administer a new program called HomeSafe Georgia.  HomeSafe Georgia targets homeowners who have experienced a substantial decrease in income due to job loss or underemployment by providing a mortgage payment bridge while they seek new or better employment. This program is expected to assist over 18,000 people.  It includes:

Mortgage Payment Assistance

       Up to 18 months of mortgage payments made directly to the lender

       If assistance is not needed for 18 months, remaining funds can be used to pay delinquent payments

Reinstatement Assistance

       Up to 6 months of mortgage payments plus lender fees in a one-time payment to the lender, not to exceed the equivalent of 18 monthly payments

Eligibility requirements include being current on mortgage payments prior to job or work loss, being a Georgia resident, being the owner and living in the property, having total mortgage debt less than or equal to $417,000, and having payments (including escrow) greater than 31 percent of household income.  Also, if a homeowner is now working and able to make their house payment, but got behind during a time of unemployment, this program may be able to help with back payments.
Homeowners may now apply for mortgage payment assistance online at  For additional information, please call 877.519.4443 or email
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