ACCG Workers' Compensation Program Announces $3.25 Million Dividend

On November 11, the Board of Trustees of the ACCG - Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund (GSIWCF) voted to return a dividend in the amount of $3.25 million to its membership.  The dividend will be in the form of a premium credit to those members who have been in the program since 2002 or earlier.  The total amount of dividends returned to the membership since 1985 is almost $49 million.  2013 marks the eighteenth straight year that a dividend has been returned by ACCG - GSIWCF to its membership.

ACCG - GSIWCF is a member-owned insurance fund that was started in 1982.  The pool provides workers’ compensation coverage for Georgia counties and authorities.  McDuffie County Commissioner Frederick Favors serves as Chairman of the ACCG - GSIWCF Board of Trustees.  The Fund currently has 176 members, consisting of 137 counties and 39 authorities.
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