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- Meetings Organization and Public Access for Counties: A Model Ordinance
- Model Emergency Management Ordinances and Agreements
- Parliamentary Procedure for Counties: A Guide and Model Ordinance
- Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
- Georgia’s Open Meetings and Open Records Laws: A Guide for County Officials
- Constitutional County Officers
- Construction Guide
- Charting A Course for Cooperation and Collaboration
- Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners
- Georgia County Government Directory

Georgia Land Bank Resource Manual
The comprehensive Georgia Land Bank Resource Manual guides stakeholders through the process of creating new – and working with existing – land bank authorities.
ACCG Member Services Guide
ACCG Partners Program
The Member Services Guide provides information on the ACCG Partners Program including the latest on service offerings from the association's Preferred Partners.
Salary Guide: Guide for Computing County Official Salaries
Revenue, Budgets & Finance
This guide is designed to assist counties in determining the salaries of certain county officials.
ACCG Publication Store
County Governance & Law
The ACCG Store allows county officials and others to purchase handbooks, directories, guidebooks and other merchandise created by or for ACCG.
Georgia Municipal Redistricting Guide (2001)
This guide assists cities in undertaking the redistrcting process.
The Voting Rights Act and the Redistricting Process
The Voting Rights Act and the Redistricting Process Following the 2010 Census
Redistricting Procedures for County and other Local Projects
Redistricting Procedures for County and other Local Projects from the Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office
Capping Probate Judges' Vital Records Compensation
Public Safety, 911 & The Courts
Capping Probate Judges' Vital Records Compensation: Action Needed / Model Resolution
Sample resolution for counties desiring to implement wireless 911
Public Safety, 911 & The Courts
In order for county governments to implement enhanced 911 for their citizens with cellular and wireless telephones without subsidization from the property taxpayers, a wireless enhanced 911 resolution must be adopted.
Removal of Dispossessed Tenants Personal Goods / Bond Requirement
County Governance & Law
Removal of Dispossessed Tenants Personal Goods / Bond Requirement
A Model Ordinance for Decals on County Vehicles
Public Safety, 911 & The Courts
Effective January 1, 2001, all county vehicles are required to have a county decal affixed to the front door, except law enforcement vehicles and other vehicles identified by the board of commissioners in a resolution.
Legal Requirements for Adopting a Budget Ordinance or Resolution
Revenue, Budgets & Finance
State law requires all counties and cities to follow a specified procedure in adopting a budget to ensure that local taxpayers have the opportunity to learn how their money is proposed to be spent.
GA U.S. Highway 27 Comprehensive Tourism Research and Strategic Plan
Economic Development
The objective of this study was to conduct comprehensive visitor research and product assessment to establish a strategic tourism plan that effectively positions Georgia U.S. Highway 27 as a travel and tourism destination.
ACCG Economic Development Resource Guide
Economic Development
This guide contains information about the organizations working on economic development in Georgia and the resources available from each.
Guide to Marketing Economic Development in Rural Communities
Economic Development
This informative guide outlines 15 steps to achieving rural economic development success.
Understanding Bonds for Title Issued by Development Authorities
Economic Development
This white paper provides information about how development authorities use bonds to offer property tax abatement as an incentive for business recruitment or retention.
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Commissioner Learning & ACCG
How a Bill Is Passed in the Georgia Legislature
Making It Count at the Capitol
Commissioner Learning & ACCG
Tips for Communicating with Legislators
Counties & the Law
County Governance & Law
A Legal Newsletter of the ACCG.
Record Management: The State of Georgia's Counties
Records Management
(Published in 2007)   Download Record Management Guidebook (PDF)
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