ACCG Discounts for Counties and County Employees

As a result of ACCG’s relationship with corporate partners, several companies have extended discounts to counties and county employees for specific programs and services. Click on the categories below for more details and check back for new offerings. Also be sure to check ACCG’s Preferred Partners for more information on ACCG’s suggested vendors for specific services.

For more information on how you can offer discounts to counties, contact ACCG Customer Relations Director Brent Williams at 404.522.5022 or [email protected].

Discounts for Counties

Save your county money by using one of these discounts offered through ACCG.

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Discounts for County Employees

Learn more about discounts offered to county employees thanks to your county’s ACCG membership.

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Preferred Partners

Learn more about the programs, services and discounts offered by all of ACCG’s Preferred Partners.

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