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ACCG Insurance Cyber Resource: eRisk Hub

Cyber Risk Coverage and Resource Provided to ACCG - IRMA Members

As a part of ACCG’s Property & Liability Program (ACCG - IRMA), liability coverage arising out of a Privacy or Security Event is provided up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate according to the terms of the Coverage Agreement. Remediation coverage to notify those whose data may have been breached and to minimize the effect of the breach is sub-limited to $500,000. [Higher limits may be quoted upon written request to the ACCG - IRMA Administrator ([email protected]) and payment of an additional contribution.]

The eRisk Hub® is a private web-based portal provided to members of the ACCG - IRMA program only. It contains a wealth of information and technical resources that can assist you in the prevention of network, cyber and privacy losses and support you in the timely reporting and recovery of losses if an incident occurs.

Should you experience or believe you may have experienced a data breach or other privacy/cyber liability incident, contact the ACCG Claims Unit as soon as possible. If appropriate, your Claims Representative will contact the Breach Coach®, a privacy attorney, on your behalf.




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