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ACCG Insurance GHBP: Group Health Benefits Program

The ACCG - Group Health Benefits Program is a fully-insured health insurance program for Georgia county governments. The Health Program became effective on October 1, 1992 with an initial membership of 9 counties. The Program is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors and currently serves over 100 members.

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The ACCG Health Program is administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia. BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia has contracted with doctors and hospitals to provide reduced fees for medical treatments to our subscribers. The Prudent Buyer, which provides reduced hospital bills, and the Participating Physician’s Program have been a tremendous help in managing health care costs and in reducing the ACCG’s group experience. ACCG staff and designated BCBS marketing representatives are available to provide interested counties with information and quotes. Access to the coverage is available directly through the ACCG and BlueCross BlueShield.

One of the principle reasons the ACCG developed a health insurance program was due to the reported hardship that counties experience as a result of the volatile and unpredictable rate changes prevalent in the private health insurance market. In an attempt to counteract this rate volatility, the ACCG established a Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund. The reserve will be funded by any differences between premiums and claims plus expenses - which in a traditional insurance plan would go to an insurance company as underwriting profits. The ACCG anticipates using the Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund to partially offset future premium increases.

This ACCG program employs some of the same features as the ACCG workers’ compensation and property and liability programs. These features have successfully moderated rate increases and minimized administrative costs.

ACCG is continuously working with BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia to enhance the coverages and benefits of the program to meet the ever-changing health insurance industry.

Program Administrator: BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia


Ben Pittarelli, Health Program and Insurance Marketing Director, at (404) 522-5022 or

Joe Dan Thompson, Marketing and Field Service Representative, at (404) 522-5022 or

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