Vol #11, Issue 3

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January 31, 2020

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
SupportHB 0276 - Sales Tax - Marketplace Facilitators
OpposeHB 0757 - Elections - Add Special Election Primaries at County Expense
OpposeHB 0765 - Magistrate Court Judges and Clerks Increase in Minimum Compensation
SupportSB 0159 - Regulations for e-Scooters
NeutralSB 0295 - Constitutional Officer Pay Raise Clarification
OpposeSB 0317 - Home Rule Violation: New Process to Abolish County Police Department Bypassing County Commissioners
What's New
NeutralHB 0774 - Unpermitted Release of Ethylene Oxide
NeutralHB 0777 - State Building Code - Add "Mass Timber" as a Construction Material
NegotiatingHB 0784 - Open Meetings - Allow School Board Security Discussions in Executive Session
NeutralHB 0787 - Guns - Honor All Other States' Weapons Carry Permits in Georgia
OpposeHB 0788 - Sales Tax Exemption - Energy used in Manufacturing Ready-Mix Concrete Equipment
WatchHB 0790 - Structural Engineers - Require Certification
NeutralHB 0799 - Allow Early Reinstatement of Driver's License and Limited Driving Permits for Persons Convicted of Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs
OpposeHB 0806 - Sales Tax - Expand Cities Authorized to Levy a Municipal Option Sales Tax (MOST)
NeutralHB 0807 - Occupation Tax - Financial Information for Businesses in Multiple Jurisdictions
NeutralHB 0808 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Loaner Vehicles
NeutralHB 0811 - Interest on Tax Payments and Refunds
OpposeHB 0812 - Special Elections for Referendum Questions
NeutralHB 0815 - Sales Tax Exemption - Public Water/Sewer Authorities
NeutralHB 0820 - Georgia Freight Railroad Program
NegotiatingHB 0832 - Parks & Rec Facilities: Heat Related Injuries
SupportHB 0834 - Broadband - Authorize Local Revenue Bonding
NeutralHB 0835 - Tax Collection - Contracts for Collection of Municipal Taxes
NeutralHB 0836 - Alcohol Licenses - DOR Can Issue Throughout the Year
NeutralHB 0837 - Fulton County Development Authority Limitations
SupportHB 0846 - Interest on Taxes and Direct Sales Tax Pay Permits for Certain Industries
NeutralHB 0848 - Surplus Property - State Can Sell to Entities Outside Georgia
OpposeHB 0850 - Sales Taxes - Change in Permissible Referendum Dates
NeutralHB 0852 - Public Airports - Taxation Where Airport Located Outside Owner's Boundaries
SupportHB 0864 - Vaping Products - Taxation and Regulation
NeutralHR 0895 - Joint Ethylene Oxide Study Committee
EvaluatingHR 0910 - Constitutional Amendment: Use of Motor Fuel Tax Collections
SupportHR 0934 - Tax Assessment - Authorize Alternative Valuation Method
SupportHR 0935 - Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics
NeutralHR 0962 - Property Taxes - Assessment for School Tax Purposes
NeutralSB 0289 - Mobile Home Permitting and Taxation
SupportSB 0302 - Economic Analysis of Tax Credits and Exemptions
SupportSB 0309 - Local Government Infrastructure Finance Authority Act
NeutralSB 0319 - Requirements for Building Below Category II Dams
SupportSB 0322 - Development Impact Fees - Optional Exemption for Affordable Housing

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