Vol # 11, Issue 6

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February 21, 2020

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
NeutralHB 0093 - Solid Waste Management - Notification Requirements for Coal Ash Pond Dewatering
SupportHB 0378 - Rental Car Excise Taxes - Collection by Marketplace Facilitators
SupportHB 0448 - Hotel/Motel Taxes - Collection by Online Facilitators
NegotiatingHB 0715 - Occupation Tax - Eliminate Gross Receipts Method and "$400 Club"
OpposeHB 0757 - Elections - Add Special Election Primaries at County Expense
OpposeHB 0765 - Magistrate Court Judges and Clerks Increase in Minimum Compensation
NeutralHB 0777 - State Building Code - Add "Mass Timber" as a Construction Material
SupportHB 0779 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Change Local Distribution Formula
NeutralHB 0787 - Guns - Honor All Other States' Weapons Carry Permits in Georgia
NegotiatingHB 0792 - Supplemental appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020
NeutralHB 0807 - Occupation Tax - Financial Information for Businesses in Multiple Jurisdictions
NeutralHB 0808 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Loaner Vehicles
SupportHB 0846 - Interest on Taxes and Direct Sales Tax Pay Permits for Certain Industries
SupportHR 0935 - Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics
NeutralHR 1023 - Sovereign Immunity - Waiver for Certain Non-Monetary Claims
NeutralSB 0289 - Mobile Home Permitting and Taxation
SupportSB 0309 - Local Government Infrastructure Finance Authority Act
SupportSB 0322 - Development Impact Fees - Optional Exemption for Affordable Housing
SupportSB 0342 - Creation of a Standards and Training Council for Volunteer Firefighters and Departments
SupportSB 0344 - Allow Certain Criminal Proceedings to be Conducted by Video Conference
NeutralSB 0345 - Department of Public Health Requirements for Permitting Festivals and Short Term Events
SupportSB 0362 - Livestock Running at Large - Change Fees for Impounding
NeutralSB 0370 - Broadband Infrastructure - Railroads Determine Usage of Easements
NeutralSB 0371 - Georgia Freight Railroad Program
What's New
SupportHB 0897 - Timber Harvesting: Changes to County Ordinance & New Notification Website
SupportHB 0901 - GEFA Loans for Land and Water Conservation Projects
NeutralHB 0911 - Creates Offense of Improper Sexual Conduct by a Foster Parent
EvaluatingHB 0915 - Illegal Immigration - Georgia Anti-Sanctuary Act
OpposeHB 0917 - Guns - Counties Must Send Weapons License Holders a Renewal Notice
NeutralHB 0925 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Computer Equipment
SupportHB 0926 - Solid Waste & Hazardous Waste Trust Fund Fees
NeutralHB 0927 - Reporting Requirement For Any Spill or Release of Ethylene Oxide
NeutralHB 0929 - Coal Ash Pond Regulations
OpposeHB 0937 - Design Standards - Another Shot at State Preemption
EvaluatingHB 0938 - Permit Requirements for Facilities that Emit Ethylene Oxide
NeutralHB 0941 - Attorney General Granted Statewide Authority to Investigate and Prosecute Crimes
EvaluatingHB 0950 - Restriction of Arrest Only Criminal History Records - Including Law Enforcement
EvaluatingHB 0951 - No Court Can Impose a Period of Probation that Exceeds 24 Months
NeutralHB 0954 - Porch Piracy - Punish With Felony
OpposeHB 0958 - The Maternity Supportive Housing Act
SupportHB 0959 - Private Landfills: Host Fee Increase for Coal Ash
NeutralHB 0960 - Crimes and offenses; terminology referring to persons who are noncitizens and present in the United States without official documentation; revise
EvaluatingHR 1160 - House Study Committee on Motor Carrier Inspections
NeutralSB 0375 - Penalties for For Selling Vapor Products to Person 21 & Under
EvaluatingSB 0383 - 'Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Act'; create; definitions; commission and the policy of this state; provide
SupportSB 0384 - Solid Waste Facility - Restrictions If Close to Satilla River
EvaluatingSB 0390 - Civil Practice and Litigation; several titles of the O.C.G.A.; amend and revise
EvaluatingSB 0392 - Employment and Training of Peace Officers; bill of rights for peace officers under investigation; enact
NeutralSB 0393 - Expand Jurisdiction of GBI
SupportSB 0395 - County and Municipal Hospital Authorities Sale or Lease of Property by Authority, Use of Funds
SupportSB 0406 - Legal Organ - Modify Legal Advertisement Requirements

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