Vol # 11, Issue 7

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February 28, 2020

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
NeutralHB 0105 - Sales Tax Exemption - Ridesharing
NegotiatingHB 0715 - Occupation Tax - Eliminate Gross Receipts Method and "$400 Club"
OpposeHB 0765 - Magistrate Court Judges and Clerks Increase in Minimum Compensation
SupportHB 0779 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Change Local Distribution Formula
NeutralHB 0799 - Allow Early Reinstatement of Driver's License and Limited Driving Permits for Persons Convicted of Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs
NeutralHB 0815 - Sales Tax Exemption - Public Water/Sewer Authorities
NeutralHB 0820 - Georgia Freight Railroad Program
NeutralHB 0829 - Ad Valorem School Taxes - Assessment at 20% of Value
SupportHB 0846 - Interest on Taxes and Direct Sales Tax Pay Permits for Certain Industries
NeutralHB 0848 - Surplus Property - State Can Sell to Entities Outside Georgia
NeutralHB 0854 - Battery-Charged Electric Fences
NeutralHB 0859 - Penalty for Tinting of Motor Vehicle Windshields
SupportHB 0882 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Food Banks and Food for Hunger/Disaster Relief
SupportHB 0897 - Timber Harvesting: Changes to County Ordinance & New Notification Website
NeutralHB 0903 - Issuance of Traffic Citation to Vehicle Owner in Lieu of Person Operating Vehicle In Certain Situations
NeutralHB 0911 - Creates Offense of Improper Sexual Conduct by a Foster Parent
OpposeHB 0937 - Design Standards - Another Shot at State Preemption
NeutralHB 0941 - Attorney General Granted Statewide Authority to Investigate and Prosecute Crimes
NeutralHR 0962 - Property Taxes - Assessment for School Tax Purposes
SupportHR 1093 - House Study Committee on Cybersecurity
SupportSB 0123 - Solid Waste: Landfills, Host Fee & Trust Funds
SupportSB 0249 - Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund Increase Monthly Dues and Amount Collected from Fines
NeutralSB 0319 - Requirements for Building Below Category II Dams
SupportSB 0342 - Creation of a Standards and Training Council for Volunteer Firefighters and Departments
SupportSB 0362 - Livestock Running at Large - Change Fees for Impounding
NeutralSB 0369 - Public Utilities - Electronic Submission of Property Tax Returns
NeutralSB 0371 - Georgia Freight Railroad Program
SupportSB 0384 - Solid Waste Facility - Restrictions If Close to Satilla River
NeutralSB 0393 - Expand Jurisdiction of GBI
NeutralSB 0402 - Elimination of OR Bonds (Release on Own Recognizance) Now Unsecured Judicial Release
What's New
NeutralHB 0925 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Computer Equipment
NeutralHB 0971 - Require Training for Juvenile Intake Officers; Allow Hearsay Evidence in Juvenile Proceedings
NeutralHB 0979 - Tax Commissioners - Collection of City Taxes
OpposeHB 0980 - Another Local Land Use Preemption - PadSplit Free-for-All
SupportHB 0983 - Revise Reporting Requirements for Sexual Offender Registration
NeutralHB 0986 - Development Authorities - County Commissioner Cannot be Chairperson
NeutralHB 0994 - Gang Legislation
NeutralHB 1007 - High Risk Youth Sports Coaches Must Get Safety Training
NeutralHB 1008 - Residential Industrial Buildings - Allow to Have Permanent Metal Chassis
SupportHB 1035 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Food Banks and Non-Profit Health Centers
OpposeHB 1036 - Asset Forfeiture
SupportHB 1038 - Property Taxes - Improvements to Commercial Property Assessment
NeutralHB 1040 - Revise Total Maximum Fee to be Collected for Pay-only Probation is Imposed
NeutralHB 1044 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Written Materials/Mailings of Non-Profit Entities
SupportHB 1045 - Insurance Premium Taxes - Use for Flood Reduction Projects
SupportHB 1049 - Cybersecurity - Required Reporting, Discuss in Executive Session and Exempt from Open Records
OpposeHB 1052 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Telecommunications Equipment
SupportHB 1056 - Sales Tax - Taxation of Digital Goods
SupportHB 1057 - Regulation of Soil Amendments - Increasing County Authority
SupportHB 1061 - Sales Tax Collection - Allow Contingent Fee Contracts
SupportHB 1062 - Solid Waste Facility - Restrictions If Close to Satilla River
EvaluatingHR 1304 - Property Taxes - Differential Treatment of "Qualified Affordable Building Projects"
EvaluatingSB 0409 - Elections - Sign up and Automatically Receive Absentee Ballots for all Future Elections
NeutralSB 0410 - Property Tax Appeals - Payment of Attorney's Fees
SupportSB 0411 - Rural Broadband - Cap Rate which EMCs may Charge for Equipment Collocated on their Poles
SupportSB 0413 - Open Meetings - Authorize Local Public Hearings to take Place by Teleconference
NeutralSB 0436 - Nonpartisan Elections - Remove Option for Courts, Schools and Consolidated Governments
NeutralSB 0442 - Homeowner Associations - Conditions by which to Limit Rental Units
SupportSB 0445 - Extending Local Authority for Land Disturbance Permitting
NeutralSB 0448 - Authorization for the Collection of the Law Library Fees in County Recorders' and Magistrate Court by Ordinance
SupportSB 0461 - Regulation of Soil Amendments - Increasing County Authority
NeutralSR 0793 - Joint Private Financing of Infrastructure Study Committee

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