Vol # 11, Issue 8

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March 6, 2020

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
NeutralHB 0105 - Sales Tax Exemption - Ridesharing
NegotiatingHB 0153 - Regulatory Fees - Revise Bases for Calculating
NegotiatingHB 0465 - Water Customer Bill of Rights
NeutralHB 0511 - Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL): Clean Up Bill
SupportHB 0576 - Fines, Bond Forfeitures and Court Costs Owed to Counties Moves up in Priority on Partial Payments
NegotiatingHB 0674 - Streamlined Permitting for Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
NeutralHB 0777 - State Building Code - Add "Mass Timber" as a Construction Material
NeutralHB 0815 - Sales Tax Exemption - Public Water/Sewer Authorities
NeutralHB 0829 - Ad Valorem School Taxes - Assessment at 20% of Value
NeutralHB 0854 - Battery-Charged Electric Fences
SupportHB 0864 - Vaping Products - Taxation and Regulation
OpposeHB 0879 - Alcohol - Omnibus Bill: Home Delivery, Streamlined Permitting and Sunday Sales
SupportHB 0882 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Food Banks and Food for Hunger/Disaster Relief
SupportHB 0897 - Timber Harvesting: Changes to County Ordinance & New Notification Website
NeutralHB 0898 - Zoning Decisions May Take Into Consideration School Overcrowding
SupportHB 0901 - GEFA Loans for Land and Water Conservation Projects
NeutralHB 0903 - Issuance of Traffic Citation to Vehicle Owner in Lieu of Person Operating Vehicle In Certain Situations
SupportHB 0906 - Heritage Trust Program
NeutralHB 0925 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Computer Equipment
SupportHB 0926 - Solid Waste & Hazardous Waste Trust Fund Fees
NeutralHB 0927 - Reporting Requirement For Any Spill or Release of Ethylene Oxide
NeutralHB 0929 - Coal Ash Pond Regulations
OpposeHB 0958 - The Maternity Supportive Housing Act
SupportHB 0959 - Private Landfills: Host Fee Increase for Coal Ash
NeutralHB 0971 - Require Training for Juvenile Intake Officers; Allow Hearsay Evidence in Juvenile Proceedings
NeutralHB 0994 - Gang Legislation
NeutralHB 1008 - Residential Industrial Buildings - Allow to Have Permanent Metal Chassis
NeutralHB 1040 - Revise Total Maximum Fee to be Collected for Pay-only Probation is Imposed
SupportHB 1045 - Insurance Premium Taxes - Use for Flood Reduction Projects
SupportHB 1049 - Cybersecurity - Required Reporting, Discuss in Executive Session and Exempt from Open Records
SupportHR 0164 - Dedication of Trust Funds (Constitutional Amendment)
NeutralHR 0962 - Property Taxes - Assessment for School Tax Purposes
NeutralHR 1023 - Sovereign Immunity - Waiver for Certain Non-Monetary Claims
NegotiatingSB 0224 - Allow Weapons in Judicial Courts by Carry License Holders
SupportSB 0249 - Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund Increase Monthly Dues and Amount Collected from Fines
NeutralSB 0295 - Constitutional Officer Pay Raise Clarification
SupportSB 0338 - Animal Dealers - Change License Requirements
SupportSB 0344 - Allow Certain Criminal Proceedings to be Conducted by Video Conference
NeutralSB 0345 - Department of Public Health Requirements for Permitting Festivals and Short Term Events
NeutralSB 0369 - Public Utilities - Electronic Submission of Property Tax Returns
NeutralSB 0372 - Modernize Public Health Statutes
NeutralSB 0393 - Expand Jurisdiction of GBI
NeutralSB 0394 - Authorize Attorney General to Investigate and Prosecute Certain Crimes
SupportSB 0395 - County and Municipal Hospital Authorities Sale or Lease of Property by Authority, Use of Funds
SupportSB 0397 - Coin Operated Amusement Machines - More State Proceeds and Local Control
NeutralSB 0402 - Elimination of OR Bonds (Release on Own Recognizance) Now Unsecured Judicial Release
SupportSB 0406 - Legal Organ - Modify Legal Advertisement Requirements
NeutralSB 0410 - Property Tax Appeals - Payment of Attorney's Fees
NeutralSB 0426 - Reporting Requirement For Any Spill or Release of Ethylene Oxide
NeutralSB 0442 - Homeowner Associations - Conditions by which to Limit Rental Units
NeutralSB 0463 - Elections - Several Changes to State Law
NeutralSR 0841 - Sovereign Immunity - Waiver for Certain Non-Monetary Claims
SupportSR 0885 - Constitutional Amendment: Allowing State to Bond Airport Projects
What's New
SupportHB 1073 - Creation of Regional Development Authorities
SupportHB 1078 - Authorization for Magistrate Court to Collect a Technology Fee
EvaluatingHB 1081 - Reduced Landfill Host Fee For Auto Shredder Residue
NeutralHB 1082 - Mandatory Notification for Retrieving Motor Vehicle Held by Towing and Storage Firm
NegotiatingHB 1086 - Requirement for Conclusion of Criminal Proceeding Prior to Civil Forfeiture Proceedings
EvaluatingHB 1096 - SPLOST - Use of Funds for Maintenance
OpposeHB 1099 - Coroners - Provide a Hefty Raise and Treat as Constitutional Officers
NeutralHB 1102 - Homestead Option Sales Tax - Alternative Version
SupportHB 1103 - Requires Department of Human Resource Notify Locals when a Personal Care Home or Child Caring Agency is Licensed to Operate
NeutralSB 0439 - Improved Notice to Foster Preadoptive and Relative Caregivers
NeutralSB 0448 - Authorization for the Collection of the Law Library Fees in County Recorders' and Magistrate Court by Ordinance
OpposeSB 0454 - Allow Mobile Food Service Units Without Public Health or Local Approval
OpposeSB 0458 - Allow School Safety Officers to Operate Radar for Speed Limit Enforcement
NeutralSB 0468 - Disabled Vets May Register Service Dogs with Animal Shelters
SupportSB 0493 - Cybersecurity/Data Breaches
EvaluatingSB 0496 - Preemption - Locals Cannot Discriminate Against Types or Sources of Energy or Fuel.
SupportSB 0497 - Authorizes County Governing Authorities to Impose Law Library Fees in County Recorders and Magistrate Courts

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