Vol # 11, Issue 10

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June 19, 2020

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
NeutralHB 0105 - Sales Tax Exemption - Ridesharing
SupportHB 0167 - COVID-19 Liability Protections
SupportHB 0216 - COVID-19 Liability Protections
SupportHB 0244 - EMCs - Public Service Commission to Determine Pole Attachment Fees
NeutralHB 0545 - Limitations On Nuisance Claims Against Agriculture Facilities and Operations
SupportHB 0576 - Fines, Bond Forfeitures and Court Costs Owed to Counties Moves up in Priority on Partial Payments
NeutralHB 0793 - General appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
NeutralHB 0808 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Loaner Vehicles
NeutralHB 0820 - Georgia Freight Railroad Program
SupportHB 0846 - Interest on Taxes and Direct Sales Tax Pay Permits for Certain Industries
NeutralHB 0848 - Surplus Property - State Can Sell to Entities Outside Georgia
SupportHB 0897 - Timber Harvesting: Changes to County Ordinance & New Notification Website
NeutralHB 1008 - Residential Industrial Buildings - Allow to Have Permanent Metal Chassis
SupportHB 1035 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Food Banks and Non-Profit Health Centers
SupportHR 0935 - Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics
NeutralHR 1023 - Sovereign Immunity - Waiver for Certain Non-Monetary Claims
OpposeSB 0038 - Home Rule Violation: New Process to Abolish County Police Department Bypassing County Commissioners
SupportSB 0123 - Solid Waste: Landfills, Host Fee & Trust Funds
SupportSB 0159 - Regulations for e-Scooters
SupportSB 0249 - Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund Increase Monthly Dues and Amount Collected from Fines
NeutralSB 0295 - Constitutional Officer Pay Raise Clarification
SupportSB 0344 - Allow Certain Criminal Proceedings to be Conducted by Video Conference
SupportSB 0362 - Livestock Running at Large - Change Fees for Impounding
NeutralSB 0369 - Public Utilities - Electronic Submission of Property Tax Returns
NeutralSB 0370 - Broadband Infrastructure - Railroads Determine Usage of Easements
NeutralSB 0371 - Georgia Freight Railroad Program
NeutralSB 0377 - Private 3rd Party Plan Review and Inspections
SupportSB 0395 - County and Municipal Hospital Authorities Sale or Lease of Property by Authority, Use of Funds
NeutralSB 0410 - Property Tax Appeals - Payment of Attorney's Fees
NeutralSB 0426 - Reporting Requirement For Any Spill or Release of Ethylene Oxide
SupportSB 0445 - Extending Local Authority for Land Disturbance Permitting
SupportSB 0446 - Cash Bonds and Unclaimed Cash Bonds Change Length of Time Court must Hold
NeutralSR 0793 - Joint Private Financing of Infrastructure Study Committee
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