Vol #10, Issue 3

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January 31, 2019

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
SupportHB 0022 - Authorization for Telephone Coops to Provide Broadband Service
SupportHB 0023 - Authorization for EMCs to Provide Broadband Service
SupportSB 0025 - Passing Stopped School Bus
What's New
EvaluatingHB 0002 - Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2019; enact
SupportHB 0034 - Qualifications and Removal of Development Authority Directors
NeutralHB 0035 - Sales Tax Exemption on Poultry Diagnostic and Disease Monitoring Services
NegotiatingHB 0048 - Exempt Public Mass Transit Vehicles and School Buses from State Motor Fuel Tax
EvaluatingHB 0057 - Absentee Ballots - Mail to all Electors for all Elections
SupportHB 0065 - Cloud Based Services Eligible for SPLOST
WatchHB 0073 - Bail Bondsman Restrictions from Elected Office
WatchHB 0074 - Ride Share Drivers No Restrictions on Weapons Carry
SupportHB 0075 - Clarify Law on Passing a Stopped School Bus
NeutralHB 0076 - Locals May Reduce State Distance Restrictions on Alcohol Sales
NeutralHB 0085 - Organ Procurement Organizations Sales Tax Exemption
NeutralHB 0093 - Solid Waste Management - Notification Requirements for Coal Ash Pond Dewatering
NeutralHB 0094 - Solid Waste Management - Landfill Requirements for Accepting Coal Ash
NeutralHB 0101 - Expand Sales Tax Exemption on All-terrain Vehicles
OpposeHB 0102 - Expand Property Tax Exemption on Properties Owned by Charities
NeutralHB 0104 - Inventory Tax Exemption on Boll Weevil Eradication Supplies
WatchHB 0106 - Require the Department of Driver Services Driver's Manual to Include Best Practices for Traffic Stop
EvaluatingHB 0107 - Change in Burden of Proof Required for Law Enforcement to Initiate a Civil Forfeiture
EvaluatingHB 0111 - Increased Reporting Requirements for Law Enforcement Agencies on Property and Proceeds from Civil Forfeiture Actions
NeutralHB 0114 - Sales Tax Exemption Renewal on Qualified Job Training Organizations
EvaluatingHB 0115 - Prohibition of use of Federal Forfeiture Laws by Local Law Enforcement to Circumvent State Forfeiture Law
NeutralHB 0117 - Elections - Electors Can Vote in any Precinct
SupportHB 0118 - Revises Offense of Transmitting False Alarm and Creates Offense of Causing Harm or Injury to Emergency Responder
SupportSB 0030 - Military Voters - Return Absentee Ballots by Fax or E-mail
NeutralSB 0032 - Civil Immunity for Individuals Rescuing Persons or Animals in Distress in Locked Cars
SupportSB 0038 - Exemptions from Electronic Filing Fees in State and Superior Court
EvaluatingSB 0039 - Disposition of Seized Firearms
EvaluatingSR 0012 - Use of ESPLOST to Fund School Safety

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