Vol #10, Issue 4

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February 8, 2019

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
SupportHB 0030 - Amended State Fiscal Year 2019 Budget
SupportSB 0002 - Authorize EMCs to Provide Broadband Service and Utilize Electric Easements
SupportSB 0025 - Passing Stopped School Bus
SupportSB 0038 - Exemptions from Electronic Filing Fees in State and Superior Court
SupportSR 0019 - Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics
What's New
NeutralHB 0123 - Workforce Development Boards
NeutralHB 0134 - Repeal of Population Cap for Disposition of Law Library Funds
OpposeHB 0136 - Animal Shelters - Must Post Picture of Impounded Animal on Website
EvaluatingHB 0165 - Require Probate Court to Submit Fingerprints for All Weapons Carry License and Renewal License
NeutralHB 0168 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Nonprofit Health Centers
SupportHB 0174 - Requirement that License Plates on Vehicles Be Fully Displayed Including all Renewal Stickers
EvaluatingHB 0176 - Elections - All Offices Which Utilize Applications for Services are to be Voter Registration Agencies
WatchHB 0178 - Creation of "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" Pilot Programs
SupportHB 0182 - Sales Tax on Out of State Vendors
NeutralHB 0183 - Ad Valorem Taxation - Right to Appeal when no Property Tax Return filed
SupportHB 0184 - Small Cell (5G) Legislation - ACCG Compromise Language
NeutralHB 0189 - State Sales Tax Exemption on Locomotive Fuel
NeutralHB 0200 - Innkeeper Fee ($5 Per Night) Sales Tax Exemption for Non-Profits
OpposeHB 0204 - Sales Tax Exemption - Veterinary Medicines
SupportHR 0164 - Dedication of Trust Funds (Constitutional Amendment)
NeutralSB 0045 - Pari-mutuel Wagering on Horse Races Authorized in Georgia
SupportSB 0051 - Confederate Monuments - Authorize Local Governments to Remove
NegotiatingSB 0058 - Private Civil Actions Regarding False Claims
EvaluatingSB 0059 - All Parties Must Consent Prior to Interception of Electronic Communications
EvaluatingSB 0063 - Standard for Law Enforcement Engagement Vehicular Pursuits
NegotiatingSB 0065 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Used Car Valuation and Lowering of Tax Rate
SupportSB 0066 - Small Cell (5G) Legislation - ACCG Compromise Language
SupportSR 0044 - Resolution Supporting the Proposed Interstate 14 through GA

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