Vol #10, Issue 6

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February 22, 2019

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
SupportHB 0030 - Amended State Fiscal Year 2019 Budget
NeutralHB 0035 - Sales Tax Exemption on Poultry Diagnostic and Disease Monitoring Services
NeutralHB 0076 - Locals May Reduce State Distance Restrictions on Alcohol Sales
NeutralHB 0101 - Expand Sales Tax Exemption on All-terrain Vehicles
SupportHB 0182 - Sales Tax on Out of State Vendors
NeutralHB 0183 - Ad Valorem Taxation - Right to Appeal when no Property Tax Return filed
NeutralHB 0186 - Reform of Certificate of Need Process for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
NeutralHB 0213 - Georgia Hemp Farming Act
SupportHB 0220 - Reauthorize Hazardous and Solid Waste Trust Funds
NeutralHB 0246 - Removes the Prosecuting Attorney's Council from Paying for Depositions
NeutralHB 0257 - Revision of the Organization of the Council of Magistrate Court Judges, Increase in Surety Bond Amount
OpposeHB 0302 - Local Design Standards Preempted
NeutralHB 0315 - Local Bids - Consultants Who Help Draft Must Disclose any Conflict of Interest
SupportHB 0316 - Elections - Voting Machine Replacement and Elections Bill of 2019
SupportHB 0322 - Georgia Procurement Registry - Revisions to Local Government Mandate
SupportHR 0037 - Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics
SupportHR 0164 - Dedication of Trust Funds (Constitutional Amendment)
SupportSB 0002 - Authorize EMCs to Provide Broadband Service and Utilize Electric Easements
SupportSB 0017 - Authorization for Telephone Coops to Provide Broadband Service
NeutralSB 0032 - Civil Immunity for Individuals Rescuing Persons or Animals in Distress in Locked Cars
NeutralSB 0045 - Pari-mutuel Wagering on Horse Races Authorized in Georgia
NegotiatingSB 0065 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Used Car Valuation and Lowering of Tax Rate
SupportSB 0071 - Proceeds from Sale or Lease of Hospital by Hospital Authority - Expands Use of Funds to Health Care for Indigent Residents
What's New
NegotiatingHB 0264 - EMSC Transparency Bill
NeutralHB 0307 - Abandoned Motor Vehicle Act
NeutralHB 0328 - Sets Forth Permitting Requirements for Body Artists and Body Art Studios (Tattoo Studios)
OpposeHB 0335 - Title Ad Valorem Taxes - Exemption for Head Start Vehicles
NeutralHB 0344 - Ad Valorem Tax Exemption - Habitat for Humanity
SupportHB 0349 - Tax Allocation Districts - Amend County Powers
NeutralHB 0352 - Sales Tax Exemption - Projects of Regional Significance
NegotiatingHB 0365 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Used Cars and Tax Rate
NeutralHB 0372 - Ad Valorem Taxes - Homestead Exemption for Surviving Spouses of EMTs
EvaluatingHB 0375 - Operation of Trains at Crossings
SupportHB 0378 - Rental Car Excise Taxes - Collection by Marketplace Facilitators
SupportHB 0379 - Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax - Revise Reporting Requirement
SupportHB 0382 - GA Outdoor Stewardship Act - Clean Up Bill
NeutralHB 0387 - Allows Private, Nonprofit and Volunteer Fire Departments to Levy a Property Lien for Unpaid Services Requested by the Property Owner
NeutralHB 0388 - Development Impact Fees - Exemption for Affordable Housing Projects
SupportHB 0394 - Allow Fire Chiefs to Train Personnel or Volunteers to Assist in Regulating the Flow of Traffic
EvaluatingHB 0395 - Require Local Law Enforcement to Immediately Open an Investigation of Missing Veterans
NeutralHB 0399 - Digital License Plates Allowed
NeutralHB 0405 - Level 1 Freeport Exemption - Remanufacture of Goods
NeutralHB 0406 - Joint Development Authorities - Annual Reporting for Tax Digest Purposes
OpposeHB 0411 - Ad Valorem Taxes - No Fees on Tax Bills
NegotiatingHB 0412 - Title Ad Valorem Taxes - Exemption for Volunteer Fire Departments
NeutralHB 0413 - Location of Tax Sales
SupportHB 0420 - Heavy Equipment Rental Tax
NegotiatingHB 0422 - Land Disturbance Permits
OpposeHB 0427 - Ad Valorem Taxes - Charitable Institution Exemption for Non-Profit Housing
NegotiatingHB 0428 - Communications Services Tax
OpposeHR 0238 - Ad Valorem Taxes - Limit on Assessment Increases in the City of Savannah
NeutralSB 0119 - Tax Incentives - Require Economic Analysis
NeutralSB 0121 - Increase the Length of Time Prescription Information is Retained
NegotiatingSB 0123 - Private Landfills: Host Fee Increase for Coal Ash
NeutralSB 0131 - Georgia Major Airport Authority Act
NeutralSB 0138 - Disabled First Responders Eligible for Vehicle Tags at No Cost
NegotiatingSB 0159 - Regulations for e-Scooters

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