Vol #10, Issue 10

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March 22, 2019

Immediate Action Needed
Progressing Legislation
SupportHB 0031 - State Fiscal Year 2020 Budget
NeutralHB 0168 - Sales Tax Exemptions - Nonprofit Health Centers
NeutralHB 0196 - Public Retirement Systems - Board Member Training
SupportHB 0201 - Rules and Regulations for Live-Aboard Vessels
NeutralHB 0213 - Georgia Hemp Farming Act
NeutralHB 0234 - Anti-Human Trafficking Protect Response Act
NeutralHB 0242 - Framework for the Regulation of Massage Therapy
NegotiatingHB 0264 - EMSC Transparency Bill
SupportHB 0276 - Sales Tax - Marketplace Facilitators
NegotiatingHB 0311 - Sovereign Immunity - Waiver for Certain Claims
SupportHB 0314 - Boat Titles
SupportHB 0322 - Georgia Procurement Registry - Revisions to Local Government Mandate
NeutralHB 0344 - Ad Valorem Tax Exemption - Habitat for Humanity
NegotiatingHB 0365 - Taxation of Ride-Sharing
NeutralHB 0387 - Allows Private, Nonprofit and Volunteer Fire Departments to Levy a Property Lien for Unpaid Services Requested by the Property Owner
NeutralHB 0405 - Level 1 Freeport Exemption - Remanufacture of Goods
NeutralHB 0445 - Shore Protection
NegotiatingHB 0447 - Sales Tax Exemption On Jet Fuel
NeutralHB 0458 - Prohibition of Class B Fire Fighting Foam
SupportHB 0492 - Require Writ of Possession be Made within 30 Days in Dispossessory Proceedings in Magistrate Court
NeutralHB 0493 - Local Plan Review and Permitting - Expand Private Party Participation
SupportHB 0507 - Ad Valorem Taxes - Criteria for Determination of Value
SupportHB 0514 - Creation of the Georgia Behavioral Health Reform and Innovation Commission
NeutralHB 0545 - Limitations On Nuisance Claims Against Agriculture Facilities and Operations
NeutralHR 0048 - Offshore Drilling and Seismic Testing
SupportHR 0164 - Dedication of Trust Funds (Constitutional Amendment)
NeutralHR 0368 - Resolution Supporting the Proposed Interstate 14 through GA
SupportSB 0002 - Authorize EMCs to Provide Broadband Service and Utilize Electric Easements
SupportSB 0006 - Felony Offense for Use of Drone to Deliver Contraband to or Photograph Any Correctional Facility
SupportSB 0017 - Authorization for Telephone Coops to Provide Broadband Service
NeutralSB 0020 - Banking Improvement Zones
SupportSB 0029 - Clarification of Waiver of Immunity for Sheriff's Deputies and Employees in Motor Vehicle Claims
NeutralSB 0032 - Civil Immunity for Individuals Rescuing Persons or Animals in Distress in Locked Cars
NeutralSB 0065 - Title Ad Valorem Tax - Used Car Valuation and Lowering of Tax Rate
NeutralSB 0095 - Locals Can Contract for Utilities for up to 20 Years
SupportSB 0106 - Patient's First Act - Allow Governor to Apply for Medicaid Waivers
NeutralSB 0110 - Creation of State-wide Business Court
NeutralSB 0121 - Increase the Length of Time Prescription Information is Retained
SupportSB 0177 - Reapportionment - Conditions on County Submission
NeutralSB 0208 - Revision to Implied Consent Law for Driving Under the Influence
SupportSB 0216 - Ad Valorem Taxes - Allow Pre-Payment Agreements
NeutralSR 0264 - Creation of a Joint Emergency Medical Services Study Committee
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