LGRMS is committed to recognizing Risk Control Leaders who play an integral role in maintaining or establishing a strong risk control culture.

Joey Brown and the Liberty County Safety Committee were recently awarded the first LGRMS Risk Management Leadership Award during Liberty County Board of Commissions Meeting. Joey Brown was nominated for his "good leadership" as a county administrator. He was described as a fair man who promotes the importance of going above and beyond to create a safe work environment. Brown holds his team to a high standard and over the years has become a well respected figure amongst the organization. He was selected as the recipient for his vision to enhance the safety within the community and the leadership role he assumed to make his vision a reality.

If someone or a team in your organization has contributed to improving your safety culture and fit the following criteria click here to nominate them.

        Nominating Criteria 

  • Established a Vision
  • Planning/Problem Solving
  • Accountability Process
  • Lead By Example and Encourage Engagement