NACo U.S. Flag Disposal Box Program

The National Association of Counties (NACo) has asked ACCG and Georgia counties to participate in a program they have launched to help properly retire American flags. In many communities, local Boy Scouts, veterans’ groups or sheriff’s departments hold flag retirement ceremonies; however, there is not an identified collection point where residents can drop off the flags. 

NACo will provide each Georgia county with a box to use in order to collect flags. Counties are asked to: 1) find a location to display the box that is both secure and easily accessible and 2) identify a community partner who will check the box and properly retire the flags as needed. 

This program provides positive community service and gives Georgia's county commissions an opportunity to recognize the efforts of a local organization for their involvement.  Furthermore, it is NACo's way of thanking Georgia's county commissioners for serving their communities while increasing civic engagement in caring for our nation's flag. For more information, click here

NACo anticipates shipping a flag box to each Georgia county in December.  Please provide the contact information for the individual who will receive the box for your county by clicking here. ACCG asks that each county provide this information by Friday, November 29.

*Note: If a point of contact is not identified by the county, the flag box will be sent to the attention of the county chairman.