Model Timber Harvesting Ordinance Now Available

House Bill 897 passed during the 2020 legislative Session. This legislation establishes a framework for a statewide timber harvest notification webpage housed by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC), increases the fine for harvesters who fail to notify the county that they are operating, and increases the bond amount due by harvesters who have previously been found to cause damage to county roads/rights of way. In addition, the legislation narrows the scope of when the bond can be used and creates a timeline for when and how a county can utilize a bond. The newly created webpage housed by GFC will be implemented next year once a pilot phase with a few counties has been completed.

ACCG has provided a Model Timber Ordinance to reflect the changes made in HB 897.  Your county is strongly encouraged to adopt this model ordinance.

For additional details on HB 897, including background information, click here.