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About ACCG Insurance
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About ACCG Insurance Programs

County governments are responsible for billions of dollars worth of public property, as well as the health and welfare of their most important asset: county employees. Routine activities performed by county governments, such as road maintenance, law enforcement, recreation, and jail operations expose the county and its officials to the potential for frequent and sometimes large liability awards arising out of personal injury, property damage and federal civil rights violations. Retaining knowledgeable and experienced personnel is vital to successfully meeting their obligations.

Risk arising from governmental operations can be professionally and effectively managed.

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Recognizing the significant risk exposure presented to counties, ACCG has several insurance programs available to Georgia counties and Authorities:

ACCG-Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund (GSIWCF) is a self-insured pool that is sponsored and administered by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. The Fund is non-profit and member-owned. Oversight is provided by a seven-member Board of Trustees who are appointed by the ACCG Board of Managers.

ACCG-GSIWCF operates under the authority of O.C.G.A. 34-9-150 et seq. The Fund began in 1982 with an initial membership of eleven counties. In 1991, Georgia legislature authorized county authorities, boards, RDC’s, and other similar governmental entities to join the Fund.

Since inception, ACCG-GSIWCF has added safety & loss control services as well as a claim office dedicated to handling ACCG-GSIWCF claims. These programs are intended to minimize the amount and the severity of losses, while providing superior service to members.

ACCG- Interlocal Risk Management Agency (IRMA) is a self-insured pool in which members join together to provide a source of coverage for their property, automobile, general liability, law enforcement liability, public officials’ liability, crime, statutory bond, boiler & machinery, and other specialized coverages. The Fund is owned by the members and overseen by a seven-member Board of Trustees appointed by the ACCG Board of Managers.

ACCG-IRMA operates under the authority of O.C.G.A. 36-85-20 et seq. Similar in structure to ACCG-GSIWCF, the Fund is non-profit and member-owned. ACCG-IRMA estimates the members’ anticipated losses and collects premiums to cover those losses. Excess insurance is purchased to protect against catastrophic losses. The funds collected are invested until needed to pay claims. In-house safety and loss control, as well as claim service, help to control the amount of losses.

Group Health Benefits Program, Inc. (GHBP) began in 1992 when counties experienced volatile and unpredictable rate changes in the private health insurance market. In order to counteract the rate volatility, the ACCG-GHBP contract with BCBSGa contains a rate stabilization feature. This feature provides that a significant portion of any premiums collected in excess of losses can be used to offset future premium increases or provide for programs such as Wellness which reduce the future growth of claims. In traditional fully-insured health plans, excess premiums are retained by the insurance company as underwriting profit.

The ACCG-GHBP provides group health insurance benefits to eligible Georgia county governments’ employees and their families. The program is fully insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia with no risk to ACCG-GHBP or its members. The health program is overseen by a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the ACCG Board of Managers.

The Program offers member Counties two ways to fund their employee health benefit plans: Fully Insured and Partially Self-Funded/ASO. The self-funded/ASO (Administrative Services Only) Option provides larger Counties the opportunity to participate in the ACCG-GHBP Program’s group purchasing strengths while choosing the level of risk they want to assume.

The ACCG Program also offers group Dental, Group Life and AD&D, Short and Long Term Disability. Life and Disability plans are also available on an employee-pay-all basis.

It provides Wellness Programs, as well as Incentive Grants, through the LGRMS to help counties start or expand Wellness activities.

Local Government Loss Control/Safety Services (LGRMS) is a service organization of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Association. Founded in 1988, LGRMS is a joint program of the self-insurance funds of GMA and ACCG. The purpose of LGRMS is to provide a variety of loss control services to help local governments minimize their workers' compensation, liability, and property exposures that have the potential to cause losses. LGRMS helps program members prevent accidents and avoid liability claims by providing a consultative package that addresses employee injury, wellness and public liability exposures and assists in managing these exposures.

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