Challenging Census Results

The Census Bureau created a program after the 1990 census for states and local governments to challenge census results after detailed data is delivered. This program is called the Count Question Resolution (CQR). The Census Bureau recently released a Federal Register Notice which provides information on the CQR for the 2020 Census. This process allows counties to submit a request to the Census Bureau to review official census counts of population and housing, and to correct boundary, geocoding, and certain coverage or processing issues. While successful challenges can result in increased federal funding distributions and improved data for policy decision making, it cannot be used for redistricting purposes. 

The Census Bureau will notify counties in December about the CQR program and how to participate. The timeframe to challenge census results will begin on January 3, 2022 and end on June 30, 2023. A 2020 CQR Fact Sheet is available here and FAQs on the CQR is available here.  For assistance, please contact the Census Bureau at [email protected] or visit the CQR page on the Census Bureau website.