2023 ACCG Proposed Policy Agenda

During the summer, ACCG held two rounds of policy committee meetings to form Policy Objective recommendations. The ACCG Policy Council voted on September 8, 2022, to recommend the attached proposed Policy Agenda which can be viewed here. Please review the proposed Policy Agenda prior to the Legislative Leadership Conference. To make an amendment to any of the Policy Objectives within the proposed Policy Agenda, you will need to complete an amendment form and get signatures from four other commissioners – each from a different county. The amendment form can be found here and amendment requirements are included below.
Amendment Requirements
Amendments to the Policy Agenda and resolutions may be proposed from the Membership under the following conditions: 
  1. Proposed amendments or resolutions must be in writing on an ACCG Amendment Form (attached);
  2. Proposed amendments or resolutions must be co-signed by a total of five (5) commissioners that are each from a different county in good standing; and
  3. Due to the cancellation of the Legislative Leadership Conference, voting on ACCG's Policy Agenda has been temporarily postponed. Once a new date is determined, we will provide notice to ACCG's membership. The new deadline for submitting amendments or resolutions to ACCG's President, Melissa Hughes, will be provided at that time.

If you have questions about the Policy Agenda, please contact ACCG’s Policy Staff.