ACCG Presents Mental Health Resolutions to Governor Kemp

ACCG leadership met with Gov. Brian Kemp this week to present resolutions adopted by all 159 Georgia counties. These resolutions urge the General Assembly to continue efforts in enhancing citizens access to mental health services. 

This mental health initiative, spearheaded by ACCG President and Baldwin County Commissioner Henry Craig encourages counties to continue leading the response to mental health issues in their communities. It also underscores the need for the General Assembly to pass mental health reform legislation and dedicate funding for additional resources.

“Counties are the closest constitutional form of government to their constituents and are often on the frontline of addressing pressing community issues like mental health,” said ACCG President Henry Craig. “In recent years, Georgia has made significant strides regarding mental health reform, and ACCG and Georgia’s counties have played a critical role in spearheading those efforts. As the mental health crisis persists, it is incumbent upon local and state leaders to devise solutions for all who call our state home.”

Click here to view the model mental health resolution that was provided to all 159 Georgia counties.

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