National County Government Month

Every year during the month of April, county governments are encouraged to celebrate National County Government Month through promoting civic awareness. This years theme is "Brilliant Ideas at Work". The theme is designed to showcase successful, inventive programs that have had a great impact in the community.

To showcase these programs, NACo's National County Government Month resources such as the toolkit can be used to discover effective methods for public promotion.

To jumpstart this month, NACo in conjunction with iCivics has launched a new civic education game for students to gain an in depth understanding of local government. They are presented with real problems and are challenged with the tasks of creating solutions to solve the issue at hand. The game allows them to assume the role of a county official and grasp how their decisions can impact the community as a whole. More information on this free program can be found here.

Make sure your county utilizes the resources provided by NACo to continue raising public awareness and encouraging the youth to consider a career in county government. If using social media to celebrate National County Government Month,be sure to use #NCGM so other county governments can learn about the wonders of your programs.