ACCG Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST) Resources

A Regional TSPLOST, Single County TSPLOST and Transit SPLOST are mechanisms available for funding transportation projects at the local level. There are currently 44 counties who have Single County TSPLOST in place and four regions implementing Regional (TIA) TSPLOST. ACCG has created an overview of the Regional TSPLOST and Single County TSPLOST.

HB 930 - Transit Governance and Funding

This legislation, passed during the 2018 Georgia General Assembly Session allows counties in the Metro Atlanta area to call for a referendum to levy a Transit SPLOST up to 1% (and may be in .05% increments) for up to 30 years. Any county outside of the Metro Atlanta region which partners with a neighboring county can call for a referendum to levy a Transit SPLOST. Unless the referendum is approved in each of the participating counties, the tax shall not be imposed. Details.

Additional Resources:

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