About the ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation

The United States government was built upon a strong value of civic engagement. Over time and with increasing technology, civic engagement has changed dramatically. Yet one thing is certain – active and engaged citizens can have a definite impact on all levels of government.

In 2006, ACCG, Georgia’s county association, created the Association County Commissioners of Georgia Civic Affairs Foundation (ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation) to advance civic and community engagement through innovative programs providing diverse opportunities that enhance citizen education, encourage civic engagement and community improvement, and promote participation in county government.

To further this purpose, the Foundation has launched programs to encourage civic engagement for high school students through the Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS) and for college students and recent graduates through the Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP).

If you or your organization is interested in fostering civic engagement, especially among Georgia’s youth, we invite you to explore the programs offered through the ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation. The ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation is a nonprofit corporation under the laws of Georgia and is recognized as a charitable organization operated exclusively for tax exempt purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the policy and overall direction for the Civic Affairs Foundation Programs.

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Meet our Sponsors

Civic Affairs Program sponsors come from a diverse background but share a common interest in growing the next generation of civic leaders.

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Find out how you or your organization can get involved in the Civic Affairs Foundation.

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