GCIP Intern Spotlight

Chloe Crosby Interns with Camden and Glynn Counties

Ian Pederson, a sophomore at Kennesaw State University, interned with Camden County. At Kennesaw State, Pederson studies exercise science in anticipation of attending medical school. Following through on his interest in physical health and safety, Pederson interned with Camden County Fire Rescue.

Camden County's Fire Rescue Department covers 12 fire stations throughout Camden County. With a high workload, the department has an expansive equipment inventory spanning the stations. During his time with the county, Pederson created an equipment inventory and a supplies list for the fire rescue department. Pederson cataloged and organized equipment such as PPE, EMS supplies, and fire equipment supplies. He also collaborated with staff to determine which items were in surplus and created a surplus log for stations. In addition to working with fire rescue staff, Pederson also worked with the purchasing officer to learn about sourcing equipment and purchasing policies.

Pederson’s work was invaluable for the fire rescue department. His effort over the summer helped the county better understand the state of fire equipment and supplies and to identify which items to sell or purchase to clear out space. Pederson also got firsthand insight into the management and operation of a county fire rescue department. He learned directly from staff and developed his organization, communication, and decision-making skills.

Glynn County Police Department: Madeline Morgan 


Madeline Morgan, a current senior at the College of Coastal Georgia, interned with the Glynn County Police Department. A criminal justice major, Morgan applied her collegiate studies to her work assisting staff in projects across divisions in the police department.

One of Morgan's major responsibilities during her internship was assisting the training division with classes. Morgan helped with training management, class setup, and she also had the opportunity to function as a “role player” during training demonstrations. Morgan also aided in other divisions, such as the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and Special Investigations Unit, which investigates narcotics and vice operations. Morgan shadowed investigators in the CID and learned about their day-to-day responsibilities. She also participated in a ride-along, where she observed officer's duties while on the road.

Additionally, Morgan acquired hands-on skills that align with her future career in law enforcement. Officers taught Morgan about appropriate methods of handling firearms, how to address wounds, and how to properly handcuff, amongst other techniques. By engaging with various divisions, Morgan honed her flexibility and confidence in her work. "I loved the entire internship, from working on the range to sitting and talking with recruits about policies," Morgan said. "From it all, I gained so much knowledge and people who I consider mentors in my life." Upon graduating and completing her criminal justice degree, Morgan plans to pursue a career in county government.

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