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ACCG has a solid foundation in public policy and legislative advocacy. The association was founded by county commissioners in 1914 to help Georgia qualify for its share of the first ever federal road funds. Consequently, the commissioners’ efforts resulted in the creation of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Since then, ACCG has served as the official advocate for all 159 county governments in Georgia at the state and federal level.

ACCG recognizes that legislative advocacy is a year-round commitment and encourages county officials to build relationships with their state and federal legislators. The association remains actively engaged by monitoring and testifying before legislative study committees, one-on-one meetings with legislators and state and federal officials, through its policy development efforts, and by assisting counties with legislative outreach efforts.

The association’s legislative advocacy and public policy provides county officials with all information regarding its efforts at the state capitol as well as at the national level. County officials may visit this page to access the various policy-related news, tools, resources, and publications to assist them on their journeys to provide effective leadership to their citizens. Please explore this page to find everything you need to become fully engaged in ACCG’s advocacy efforts and to contribute to the advancement of Georgia’s counties!

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Policy Center Resources

Governmental Affairs Staff

Todd Edwards

Director of Governmental Affairs

Policy Areas: General County Government

Phone: 404.805.7883

Email: [email protected]

Martha Revelo

Associate Director of Governmental Affairs
Policy Areas: Economic Development and Transportation, Federal, and Natural Resources and the Environment

Phone: 470.989.3838

Email: [email protected]

Gabriel Carter

Governmental Affairs Associate
Policy Areas: Health and Human Services, Public Safety and the Courts

Phone: 470.591.6622

Email: [email protected]

Dante Handel

Governmental Affairs Associate
Policy Areas: Revenue and Finance

Phone: 203.906.8762

Email: [email protected]