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ACCG Insurance GHBP: Group Health Benefits Program

Update on ACCG and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Partnership

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., also known as Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem), informed ACCG on Friday September 1, 2023, that it was terminating its agreements with the ACCG-Group Health Benefits Program (ACCG-GHBP) effective October 31, 2023.

This decision came after 32 years of partnership and more than twelve (12) months of ACCG’s attempts at working with Anthem to gather data and collaborate on a possible redesign of the Program. During those 12 months, ACCG conducted its first open Request for Proposals (RFP) since Program inception to assess market conditions. While Anthem did issue a proposal in response to the RFP, it fundamentally differed from the structure ACCG believed best serves current and prospective ACCG-GHBP members and the ultimate goal of a strong, growing, and sustainable group purchasing program.

ACCG appreciates the partnership we have had with Anthem during the last three decades. Though this news is unfortunate, our commitment to Georgia’s counties remains priority. We have explored alternative healthcare solutions for counties, and the new ACCG Group Health Benefits Program will be announced early in 2024. Please monitor for details and updates from ACCG in the near future.


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