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ACCG Insurance Inmate Medical Savings Program

ACCG offers two tools to control costs of county detainees. Neither is "insurance" and the county continues to be responsible for the ultimate payment of inmate care. Both of these programs provide substantial savings off of the actual charges billed by Georgia health care providers.

Inmate Medical Care

In 2008, ACCG began offering the Inmate Medical Savings Program to Georgia counties. This program allows counties to utilize Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa) network discounts to reduce inmate health care bills. BCBSGa pays the reduced bills from healthcare providers and bills the county for the adjusted amount plus a BCBSGa administration fee Since 2008, savings have averaged 59% of the billed amount.

"Emergency Care" and "Follow-up Care"

In 2011, passage of House Bill 197 created an opportunity for Georgia counties to achieve additional savings on inmate medical health care. O.C.G.A. 42-4-15 limits the amount that hospitals can charge for "Emergency Care" and "Follow-up Care" to the allowable Medicaid rate. Under this program, ACCG re-prices bills to the Medicaid rate. The bill is re-priced and returned to the county for payment. Savings have averaged over 68% of the billed amount.

Maximum savings can be obtained by sending invoices for "Emergency Care" and "Follow-up Care" to ACCG for re-pricing, and sending all non-emergency invoices to BSBSGa.


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