ACCG Partner Program Overview

The ACCG Partners Program gives businesses, firms and organizations an opportunity to connect with elected and appointed county leadership through listings on the ACCG website, its annual Member Services Guide and other outreach efforts. Partners also can stay updated on trends in county government and legislative initiatives. Benefits of the ACCG Partners Program include:

  • One subscription to the print edition of Georgia County Government magazine, published quarterly, and unlimited subscriptions to the electronic version of the magazine
  • Unlimited subscriptions to CountyLine, the monthly ACCG e-newsletter
  • One copy of the ACCG Member Services Guide
  • Unlimited subscriptions to the ACCG Legislative Update and Capitol Connection
  • A listing in the 2021 ACCG Member Services Guide and once a year in Georgia County Government magazine
  • Recognition on the ACCG website with the company logo, a brief description of goods and services offered, contact information and a direct link to your company’s website
  • Membership registration rate at ACCG events
  • Priority status (3 weeks) over non-members for reserving booths pace at the County Buyers Mart at ACCG’s Annual Conference, the largest gathering of county officials in the state
  • Access to county mailing lists and other data
  • Unique sponsorship opportunities
  • Consideration of pertinent and timely articles authored by ACCG Partners for ACCG publications and newsletters

The fee to become part of the ACCG Partners Program is $500. The Partners Program is offered throughout the year at a pro-rated fee according to the month you join.

Payment Information:

  • New ACCG Partners joining January, February, March, April pay: $500
  • New ACCG Partners joining May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December pay: $375

ACCG Partners Program Application

For more information, contact:

Brent Williams, County Consulting Services Associate: Business Development and Customer Relations
Phone: 404.522.5022
Email: [email protected]