Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners

ACCG is in the process of creating a new Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners. This is a multi-year project which will culminate in a new digital version of the Handbook. Chapters will be released and posted on an individual basis below once the content has been finalized. Chapters from the 2010 Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners on topics that have not yet been updated will also remain available. This publication contains general information for the use of the members of ACCG and the public. This information is not and should not be considered legal advice. Readers should consult with legal counsel before taking action based on the information contained in this Handbook.

ACCG staff members and outside contributors have worked extensively on the Handbook’s new chapters. Their knowledge, skill, and thoughtful perspectives have been invaluable throughout the time-consuming process. ACCG is thankful for the contributions made by the individuals listed here.

New Handbook Chapters

Types of County Government
County and City Relations
Debt and Financing Options for Counties
Abuse of Office, Conflicts of Interest, and Ethical Standards
Commissioners: Roles and Responsibilities
County Powers
Liability of Public Officials and the County
Meeting Procedures, Organization, and Public Participation
Open Meetings and Open Records
Intergovernmental Agreements and Service Delivery Strategies
Personnel Administration
Criminal Justice
Planning Zoning and Land Use
County Revenues

2010 Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners

Other County Officials, Officers, Boards, Authorities, and Regional Commissions
Contracting, Purchasing, and Sale of County Property
Understanding County Finance
Financial Policies
Operations Budgeting
Capitol Improvement Planning
Environmental Management
Economic Development
Public Works and Public Utilities
Recreation and Parks
Public Safety
Health and Human Services
State and Federal Relations
Communicating with Constituents