Elections Tools for Counties


It’s a big election year and counties carry a great deal of responsibility to make the elections process run smoothly  Help your residents understand the county’s role in preparing for, setting up and running elections in Georgia.

Tools are available through ACCG’s You Are Why We’re Here Program to make explaining your county’s role quickly and easily.

You can also download these tools and more by going to www.youarewhywerehere.com.  Click on “County Communicators” in the upper right hand of the page.  Then click on “Tools” and scroll down to Election Services.

Need a refresher on who does what?



  • Oversees all election activities for school board, municipal, county, state and federal elections
  • Maintains the statewide voter registration database
  • Certifies the qualification of state candidates
  • Certifies elections results
  • Investigates voter fraud
  • Enforces state laws


  • Registers qualified voters at the county level
  • Process applications and issue precinct cards after received from Secretary of State
  • Maintains voter registration rolls and voting equipment
  • Selects, prepares and equips polling places
  • Recruits and trains poll workers
  • Conducts the elections

You are Why We’re Here is a public education and outreach program designed to teach Georgia residents about county government programs and services.  Learn more by visiting www.youarewhywerehere.com.